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Modellierung von Trockenstresseffekten auf Wachstum und Entwicklung von Tomate

Modelling drought stress effects on growth and development of tomato

Led by:  Dr. Andreas Fricke
Team:  Dr. Andreas Fricke
Year:  1999
Date:  01-01-70
Duration:  to present

Most growth models are parameterized under the precondition of ample supply of water and nutrients. This is also true for the growth model TOMSIM (Heuvelink 1996). Because the source code of the model is not publicly available, the published parts of the model were adapted into the simulation environment ‚ModelMaker’ (FamilyGenetix, UK). To quantify drought effects on plant development and yield formation and to implement necessary adaptations to the model, pot experiments with different water supply levels have been conducted.