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Summer School on Sustainability at LUH

DAAD Alumni Summer School: Interdisciplinary Research Cooperation between Africa and Europe for Economic, Health and Social Sustainability


The perception on the paradigm of sustainability varies between people of different cultural and professional background. African and European scientists aim at clarifying these perspectives and their implications to define concrete action and future collaboration.

Concepts for the three main areas, namely economic, ecological and social are discussed in two Summer Schools. 

The Summer School in 2016 offered insights into different perspectives regarding the sustainability paradigm itself as well as in respect to the environment and natural resources.

The Summer School 2017 offered insights into interdisciplinary research priorities for sustainable development. Participants work was focussed on "Sustainable Peace for Development in Post-Conflict Societies" and "Legumes in African Production Systems for Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security".

Participants Summer School 2017 - Excursion Enercity Gemeinschaftskraftwerk Stöcken/Hannover


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